Conference notes:

  1. That the NHS is chronically underfunded, and that this translates in many situations to an inadequate level of care.
  2. That the UK’s healthcare spending per capita is the second lowest in the G8, suggesting that existing spending represents exceptionally good value for money to the taxpayer.
  3. That the UK’s demographics mean that demands on the NHS will continue to grow, and that it needs future-proofing to ensure it remains fit for purpose for future generations.
  4. That the moving of specialist services out of London has meant that funding pressures fall disproportionately on regional hospitals.
  5. That the NHS is struggling to recruit the staff it needs, and that the high pressures on the NHS make working there less attractive to staff.

Conference calls for:

  1. An increase in general taxation to increase funding for NHS general expenditure (salaries, drugs, equipment) and relieve immediate pressure on NHS trusts
  2. The issuance of government debt (including to the public through National Savings and Investments) earmarked for NHS Capital Investment to increase capacity and improve efficiency.
  3. A review of existing NHS funding methodologies to ensure no-one suffers a “postcode lottery” with regards to healthcare
  4. The removal of immigration barriers to NHS trusts’ hiring needs, including exempting NHS employers from the Tier 2 visa cap.